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Café Venezia

Savor the flavor of Italy.

It’s more than a cup of espresso. It’s a first-class voyage to grand canals and cozy cafes of one of Europe’s most romantic escapes. Named for the city that inspired its rich, full-bodied flavor, Caffé Venezia offers a delicious espresso with winey chocolate notes, a delicate floral finish and thick, lasting crema. Whether you enjoy it alone or as part of your favorite blended drink, you’ll discover an amazing bouquet of flavors in a singular blend that captures all the elegance of Italy.

Medium Roast Blend

Bright and Floral

Italy’s Finest Quality

It’s not just the flavor that’s different.

Our premium espresso features a handcrafted selection of beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and India. But while the ingredients may be international, the roast is purely Italian. Unlike most of the dark-roasted blends you’ll find in America, Caffé Venezia follows the proud tradition of Italy’s finest coffee masters, creating a medium roast that’s bright and floral while preserving the body and acidity of the blend.

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