Supported Equipment

Cadillac Coffee Company / Supported Equipment
Coffee and Iced Tea Brewers
We endorse Bunn and Curtis brands for coffee and iced tea brewing equipment. Our extensive background in installations, calibration, and service repair has provided quality benchmarks for equipment selection.
Powdered Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Machines
Hands down, the best in the business is Curtis. We have hundreds in the field, dispensing product every day.
Nuova Simonelli
The Nuova Simonelli story is best told by its vast range of products. Recognized as a world leader, Nuova Simonelli is synonymous with quality and above all, true espresso. “Constant investment in innovation, design, and technology – observed the President of Nuova Simonelli, Nando Ottavi – is amply repaid by the approval of our products.”
High output coffee locations are best served by the proven Franke family of espresso equipment.
  Frieling French Press
This stainless steel French Press is double-wall insulated to keep your coffee hot for up to four times longer than a glass model. Durable and attractive, your customers will feel elegant when served after-dinner brew in this press.
  Tea Serving China
We offer creative tea serving ideas that will show off your selection of fine teas. Perfect for High Tea or after dinner.