The proof is in the cupping. Just as a winery needs its winemaker, a coffee roaster needs its “Cuppers” to ensure the quality, consistency, and proper flavor of its offerings. The heart of Cadillac’s production process is the Cupping Room. “Green” coffee is roasted in very small batches, ground, and placed in seven-ounce cups. Six ounces of hot water is then poured over each cup. The cuppers stir and smell the brew. After the coffee cools slightly, it is sipped via spoons. Taking full advantage of the 7,000 finely trained taste buds that every human mouth has, the cuppers are able to distinguish the various degrees of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, acidity, and body.

The cupping process allows us to approve samples of pre-purchased coffees, develop new blends, and just experiment tasting different coffees sent by our importers. It also plays a major role in our Q.C. process.

The best cup of coffee every time.

To assure that the end product is exact, we check the quality at each process during production. We draw samples from every bag of arriving green coffee and roast and cup it. The roast Master is responsible for checking the color and grind of each blend of coffee being produced. The machine operators check the set-ups for each code number manufactured and are individually responsible for the end products they produce. And, finally, every code number is cupped every day to assure final correctness and quality. This process is incredibly effective in preventing mistakes; we don’t catch quality errors because we don’t make them.

We guarantee our products. If our customers don’t like what they bought, we simply replace it. No questions asked. We only ask our customers for the code and production numbers so that we can check the questionable product.