Since 1888

Asked for since 1888

It was 1888 when Richard Steven Gehlert started selling coffee in Detroit to local merchants, restaurants, and clubs. Company names and local offices change but Cadillac’s legendary quality, as started by Gehlert, has remained the same.

1903 marked the opening of R.S. senior’s first roasting plant on West Jefferson in Detroit, Michigan’s growing merchant area along the Detroit River. The Gehlert Coffee Company, or at the time, more commonly known as “The House of Gehlert”, shipped its brew to customers in Michigan, Ohio, and New York.

The name was changed in 1929 to the R.S. Gehlert Company and again in the early 1950’s to its present day Cadillac Coffee Company.

Today, Cadillac Coffee is headquartered in Ft. Wayne, Indiana where roasting, blending, and packaging is performed in a state-of-the-art facility. Cadillac’s Indiana location is strategically centered to service customers in MI, IN, OH, PA, KY, IL, WI, and IA.

There's something that's happened every morning for almost 120 years. It's happened in offices of every industry, restaurants both grand and quaint, hotels, factories, convenience stores, and kitchens in every neighborhood throughout Midwest America.