Who We Are

Asked for since 1888

Everybody knows us! Even though Cadillac Coffee is not traditionally a B to C company, we have significant brand awareness in the marketplace. We constantly hear “I’m familiar with Cadillac Coffee and I love your coffee”.

Quality coffees designed to match consumer preferences and market segment

Service, Service, Service

Large and small batch roasting for special requirements

Promotional support, techniques and training

The best cup of coffee every time.

Cadillac Coffee offers a complete line of quality coffees specifically designed to match consumer preferences in five distinct segments:

Dining & Hospitality

Convenience Stores

Specialty Retail


Private Label/Contract Packaging applications

Bean Selection

Just as there are a vast variety of grapes that are used to create a multitude of fine wines, coffee beans are also quite varied and come with their own particular characteristics. Some beans are very acidic while others have tremendous body. Many coffees have fruity flavors, such as lemon, wine-like or black currant. Other coffees have a chocolaty trait.

Cadillac Coffee has traveled the world studying the different regions where coffee beans are grown and discovered what each region has to offer. We’ve talked to farmers and learned where to acquire the best Brazilian, Colombian, African, and Central American beans. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can blend our beans to combine the best characteristics of each type of coffee, and thereby offer our customers a coffee that is uniquely rich, flavorful, and unlike any other.

Roasting & Technology

We have spent over 125 years mastering the craft of artisan roasting. It’s reflected in our unique and satisfying coffee blends. What makes us different is our use of technology to create the same great tasting blends time after time. Our customers expect consistency, and through our computerized blending and roasting process, we deliver. Staying on the cutting edge of the coffee business includes staying on the cutting edge of technology.